Tuesday 13 August 2013

So Dan got a vasectomy!

Yes, Alice will be our only child...and I'm super zen about it. It was a very easy decision as we discussed it for the first time when we were still in high school. I must admit that I said many stupid things back in the days but the idea of having only one kid always reminded a logical choice for us.

Of course, as I wrote the "v-date" in my agenda, I had a little panic attack. Not because I changed my mind but mostly because I won't ever have THAT option...and I like to have options.

Anyway, we went to the clinic on Friday and 5 minutes after, it was done. I can also say that I'm a vasectomy doula as I saw everything. It was interesting to see the laser procedure but, as you can imagine, is not as wonderful as helping a woman in labor (but it was funny to see Dan using laughing gas)!

We took it easy the next few days and I even found the time (and energy) to take my dusty sewing machine out of the closet (fabric buckets are addictive to make) and repaint two old IKEA stools to give them a fresh look.

Oh, and we are also thinking about getting our very first car...exciting!

note: Maybe I should learn how to drive?!?

another note: I should read that book.

* * * * * 

Thank you SSSOOO much for all your comments and advices concerning our eczema situation. Things are not perfect but they are getting better. I should soon write about our new (horrible to my opinion!) anti-eczema diet.


Tamara said...

I have lots of experience with the anti-eczema diet. I agree, it is quite horrible! Let me know if you have any questions or need ideas on 'safe' foods.

Anne said...

We too are determined to have only one child, but I had not thought about the vasectomy option. I'll mention your post to my partner and I wonder what his reaction will be! My IUD leaves me on the verge of anemia every time I have my periods, and I definitely don't want to be on the pill again. That could be an interesting option but I somehow doubt he will want to do that.

oscarlucinda said...

one child, ten children...whatever. there's always so much joy...thanks for your message by the way ;) xxx

ps. I'd love to try my hand at a fabric basket - do you have a good pattern to recommend?

Jennifer said...

I too am pretty set on being one and done, but the concept of making any permanent decisions is pretty scary to me. We're still young (27 & 32), so the thought of shutting that door completely terrifies me.