Friday 4 March 2011


If things go according to plan, in exactly four weeks (April 5th), Dan and I will fall in love with our baby girl! Am I freaking out? Of course! However, I have so much faith in Dan and I, as a couple, that I know that together we can deal with dirty diapers, breastfeeding adjustment (our doula is a "breastfeeding godmother" so it should not be a major problem), sleepless nights, etc!

So yesterday was what I like to call the beginning of the end: our first doctor appointment that included a pelvic dilatation exam. So far, Alice is resting in a head down position but there is no contraction or dilatation.

Perfect since I still have some things to do like a snuggler swaddle (pattern from Lotta Jansdotter), a kidlet (pattern from JCasa) and a simple quilted playmat (pattern from Purl Bee). Oh, and some cooking. We want a freezer full of yummy food!

Week 6 (3.6mm / 0.15")
Week 8 (1.26cm / 0.5")

Week 13

Week 19 Week 32

note: most people (people that have a normal gynecologist) don't get that many pictures!!!


luke and pamela said...

can you believe the day is so close? i didn't realize our due dates were the exact same day! also: my birthday. i can't decide if laboring on my birthday would be super hard, or if getting a baby on my birthday would be the most amazing gift ever. both, i assume.

4 more weeks!

Jennifer said...

so close!

I'm jealous that you got to have so many photos! I only had one -- well, two (but I had to go to some private company for the first, as it wasn't ordered by my doctor.

The Franglaise said...

so cute! I was lucky to have many photos because of some health problems I had. You are so close now, it's exciting. Having a freezer FULL of yummy food in the best idea in the world! I remember the first day we brought our baby home, we had lunch at 4pm and dinner at 11pm. After that, we always had food in the freezer!