Monday 14 March 2011

Even the dog... (last day of week 36)

Even if my first trimester made me believe that I was not created to ever be pregnant, the second and the third were pretty good to me. Four weeks before my due date, I still managed to play one hour of "Just Dance" on the wii at a friend's house, shop at Ikea on a Saturday afternoon (I can't even do that when I'm not pregnant) or re-arrange the entire kitchen (plastic containers are so pretty when classified by size).

However, recently, there is one thing that made me think "ok, this baby has to come out soon". I started to snore! Not a cute little bunny snore. No! More like a cow snore that stops my poor husband from having a good night sleep.

He told me that at one point last night, it was so bad, that Brian (our dog) looked at him, left our bedroom, and went to sleep on our shaggy carpet in the living room.

I'm telling you, when I woke up this morning with a major sore throat, Brian gave me the evil eye!!!


Yesterday, my "hyperactive" friend and I (not hyperactive at all) made a fabric letter A. Another project from Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing for Baby.


Jennifer said...

Aww, that fabric 'A' is adorable!

I started to think that if he could come out safely, I was ready for him well before 40 weeks lol. I was a miserable pregnant lady though... which meant that my husband was miserable as well.

Unknown said...

hehe this made me giggle! Thanks for the great photo of FB!!

abby try again said...

Aw, that is one cute "A". Sorry about your snoring sore throat. My husband snores many nights and it drives me bonkers, but I suppose I should be more sensitive to it as that may be me soon enough ;) Best of luck with these last weeks.

Su said...

Such a cute "A." If it makes you feel better, I snore like that every night! My poor husband sleeps with earplugs. Maybe you can get doggie ear plugs for Brian.

cara said...

Ha! I did that too (the snoring). I still do sometimes actually. N was not impressed.