Tuesday 28 June 2011


Initially, this post was supposed to be about the struggles that I had with my latest sewing project: baby bloomers (or my difficulties with !"#$%?&* elastics)!

However, when I looked at the pictures that I took to illustrate the final product, I realized that I was in denial. It is getting ridiculous! Alice is too big for her wooden bassinet and she would be much more comfortable in her "big girl" bed...in her nursery...without me...far from the pack! I say pack because when night comes, we all sleep in the same room. Dan and I in our new queen size bed, Alice in her bassinet next to me, Brian in his dog bed next to the bassinet and Mr. Poon (cat) on Dan's head ;)

Soon the pack will be divided and, honestly, it breaks my heart. It has nothing to do with practical reasons (ex: night breastfeeding) since Alice sleeps, without interruption, from 10:00pm until 5:30am. It is purely emotional. Yes, I suffer from separation anxiety with my baby.

Dan suggested that we temporarily put her crib in our bedroom until my mother instinct tells me that it is right to separate the pack. Or maybe I'm just buying time until the official transfer to her nursery...in 5 years!?!

Pattern from Simple Sewing for Baby

* * * * *

little gray pixel, claire, peanut: Perfect! I love economical yet effective solution. Thank you so much :)

taryn: Oh, totally! Babies are little furnaces. I always bring extra t-shirts for me and extra outfits for Alice in my bag when we go somewhere with the ergo.

leslie: I want to see what you make with the Nani Iro fabric.

intwosometwiminds.com: Coconut oil??? I didn't know that it was a natural anti fungal. I should also get some for my husband (smelly feet)!!!

oscarlucinda: Everything made by Nani Iro is wonderfully pretty...but so $$$.

bugheart: According to the comments that I got, buy cornstarch. And yes, it can smell very bad! I don't use the baby carrier when it is very hot unless I have no choice (going to yoga class).

claire: Love the idea (up with books and down with smartphones).

joeynomad: Ergo rocks :)


Anonymous said...

such cute pics...she's looking more & more like her momma! for what it's worth, sounds like your hubby's got it right. get those voices out of your head (you know the ones that tell you very specifically how to raise your kids according to one person, usually an old dude. or your mom) and trust that 'mother's instinct'. it's right and it's there for a reason. x

Unknown said...

I say just put the crib in your room! And I love the the cat sleeps on Dan's head ;)

mjb said...

That is a tough move! My husband was the one who wanted the baby close so we could keep an eye on him during the night, but eventually we needed sleep and needed to see if he'd sleep better in his own bed (which he definitely did not for awhile). His bassinet was on wheels, though, so we couldn't use it after he could roll over. Even now, though, if he takes a particularly long nap or sleeps through the night we have a hard time not going in to check on him and make sure he's ok! I guess that's why people get video baby monitors.

oneeyedrabbit said...

We have the crib in our master bedroom. It's a lot easier to tend to our baby that way and I feel there's nothing wrong with that. Besides, I'd rather comfort my child as fast as I can rather than have her wait and cry and cry. But ultimately, you must do with what you feel comfortable with.

Vanessa said...

Oh my! Alice is the prettiest baby! She's too cute!

I most certainly suffer from separation anxiety with Eden. And I could never really put it into words until now. But is that such a bad thing? Maybe...maybe not.

Eden's been sleeping in her crib in her room since day one and I still have a hard time with it some nights. I have this urge to go in at 12am and just make sure all is well before I run back to our bedroom and turn the monitor up full blast so I can hear her breathe. :)

I will say that it's very nice having a room all to ourselves and I'm glad that I don't have to go through the transition of taking her from our room to hers.

Do what you feel is best and it will be the right choice! That's the beauty of motherhood...there's no "rule book"! :) Good luck!

Susanna N. said...

I completely understand how you feel! It was so hard for me to start putting our daughter into her own room at night. Luckily, she had a midnight or 1 o'clock feeding until she was over a year old, which meant I always brought her in our bed to feed her and for the rest of the night! :)

Little Gray Pixel said...

Miss Alexa is still sleeping in her little Rock and Play even though she is in the nursery now. She's resisting the crib for the time being, and maybe I am, too, because that'll mean she's really growing up. *tear*

But we did move her from our room into hers (literally 10 feet away) because she was keeping me up all night with her strange noises. We both slept better when she moved to her own space. (I still wake up a few times a night to check on her.)

JoeyNomad said...

I tried to sew the exact same bloomers from Lotta's book and I couldn't finish - I didn't understand the elastic instructions at all! So congratulations on finishing them! :)


LOVE these pictures - the colours are perfection!

We're in denial in our household as well....our 2 year old should be in a 'big boy's bed' but I don't want to give up the cot!!

Sometimes I think he's ready to grow up quicker than I want him to!


Renae @ theredwren said...

Aw I can't believe how big she's getting!
You know, I was reading SIDS info the other day and it said bub is safest in your room until they are 1! So there's a perfectly legit reason to move the cot in! My husband and I have been talking about moving the cot into our room once Elijah outgrows the bassinet.

Daniela said...

ah, I just had to order Lotta's book after looking at those AWESOME bloomers!!!! Alice is looking cuter day by day, my mother thinks Olivia looks like her a bit, hahaha :) At least their eyes are just as blue <3

190.arch said...

She's so beautiful!!
Her smile reminds my Emma's at the same age : )
Don't worry, she'll be back in your room sometimes, more times than you can count.

clau said...

c'est chouette de te lire Claudia! est-ce que tu en fait pour les plus grands des pantalons comme ça? on en veut! ! !
clau & flavie from yoga class

sarah ahearn bellemare said...

same thing happened to us... since i really wasn't ready to put her in her own crib in her own room at 2 months, she slept in a pack n play next to our bed. (the horror!) we just couldn't bear to move her out, like you, we just weren't ready! so... she went from her little vintage bassinet with the super expensive new organic mattress, to the plastic cheap cardboardy pack n play :) but she slept great and so did we. she was right there with us where we all seemed most happy. then, at about 8 months, something changed, she wasn't sleeping well, we weren't sleeping well and one night i popped her in her own crib in her own room on a whim. my husband slept in there with her "just in case" and i had the most glorious sleep of my life. the best part, so did she. she LOVES her crib and room and has been a super sleeper ever since... (well, not quite, but let's just let you believe that ;) )
you'll know when the time is right... so for now, maybe you can find a packnplay like thing for her? our room was too small to fit the crib, but i would have tried that too. :)
best of luck. you are a wonderfull mama. xo

Clairsy said...

ahaha, I think you might be right! It's either a giant baby or a tiny crib, I can't quite tell.
And I reckon put her in her own room when both you and her feel like it, no reason to do it now if you don't want to! Keep the gang together I say.

taryn said...

She's so super sweet! Love her style!