Tuesday 5 July 2011

Yoga baby - part 2

As I filled the registration papers at the front desk, I told myself that yoga baby could just be another "take money from naive new mom" thing! Well, it tuned out that it is not entirely true...or false!

Yoga baby is a wonderful opportunity for Alice to connect with her body. For example, we did some exercises that were aimed to help her figure out how to turn on her side. The day after...surprise...my little lady was on her side! Yes, I know, this could simply be chance but I like to think that my 125$ investment has something to do with it!

Now, lets talk about my investment. Realistically, my baby and the baby next door, who doesn't go to a fancy studio every week, are both going to figure out how to be on their side, how to put their feet in their mouth, how to roll on their belly, etc. Yoga baby is something that I decided to do because I felt that socializing with other moms could be fun (it is the case)...and even better if Alice and I could benefit from it physically and mentally (it is also the case).

To conclude, I'm happy that I tried yoga baby (7 weeks session) but there are so many other fun activities that Alice and I can do together: salsa baby, aqua baby, baby massage, cardio baby, etc.

So, have you tried any of those baby + mom activities?

Starting at the top of the head, use both hands to outline the baby's body. Finish with the feet. Repeat the exercise but finish with the hands.

Bring the knees to the belly. Maintain the position a few seconds. Repeat a few times.

If possible, bring the toes in the baby's mouth. Maintain the position a few seconds. Repeat with the other set of toes.

Take both hands and slowly (and carefully), lift the baby in a upright position (sitting). If baby is not happy with this movement...well, ignore this exercise!!!

Take both feet and slowly (and carefully), lift the baby's body until desire state.

Just for your information, in yoga class, we did it all the way until the baby was completely upside down. However, some mothers looked freaked out and we don't do it anymore!

Baby is on the back. Take one ankle and slowly rotate the baby on the opposite side (like on the picture). If you feel like it, rotate until the baby is on the belly.

I - (L)ove - U : With you hand, trace "I" (purple), after a "L" (green) and finally "U" (blue) on the belly. It works magic for babies with little belly full of gas!!! Oh, work clockwise.

note: Always say : good girl/boy! you are doing a great job! woo hoo (using some sort of Homer Simpson voice)! Also add many kisses :)

* * * * *

bess callard: I know!!! And the story is so freakin cute :)

giselle: I was scared the first class but not anymore. It is a very small group and the teacher is always there to make sure that everything is super safe (for mom and for baby).

woolandthebear, one claire day, ali, courtney, kate / tinywarbler: Thank you so much! You are so nice! xox


190.arch said...

It seems she's enjoying it!
We did aqua baby, it was fine, but not fantastic as it promised to be.

Enjoy your time with Alice : )

A Loopy Life said...

I definitely must try these with Harvey! Thanks for posting!

Renae @ theredwren said...

The I love you massage has been a lifesaver for us lately with all the wind poor Elijah has.

one claire day said...

hehe...you might regret teaching Alice to put her feet in her mouth! Lalie does it ALL THE TIME! I'm worried she'll still be doing it when she's a toddler!! Funny thing is, I didn't teach her this - one day she just put her toe in her mouth and that was that!
xx claire
P.S-Alice is looking absolutely gorgeous!

Kara said...

We did a baby massage class and loved it! I mostly loved meeting other new moms, some of whom have become great friends and we've all taken other classes together since then. The classes we take are through our local Parks and Recreation, so they are cheaper than the massage class ($45 - $85 USD for a 10 week course). So far we've had 2 aquababies classes and a music baby class. Next up is baby art class. Finger painting with chocolate pudding - can't wait!
As long as you like it, it's worth it.

Clairsy said...

I'd be totally up for baby yoga, must remind myself to do it when bub arrives. Not so much for my baby to master down-face dog, what appeals more is getting out of the house, being with other mums, having fun/relaxing with baby and getting my body moving again.
Sounds like money well spent to me.
(Alice looks like a lovely happy little thing)

Ella said...

super cute photos and i assure you all those mama baby classes are much more for the mama. i did many with my first (yoga, swimming, music, massage...) and none with the 2nd (so far) though he is a happy tag along to all the 1st ones events.
aiiii i kind of cringed to read that they tell you to pull baby up into upright position even if gently - nononono. baby's muscles and ligaments will stretch and grow as she challenges herself with tummy time and crawling and sitting. don't rush things.
she's growing so gorgeous Clo. i love her to bits.

Daniela said...

Hi! I just needed to add something to Ella's comment on not pulling babies up to a sitting position, since I am one of those that started doing it everyday as part of my babies exercise routine. According to BabyCenter Medical Advisory Board


Starting from 3 months it is actually a recommended activity, placing baby on their backs and slowly helping them up to a sitting position. It will help develop neck muscles and will be part of a fun game! As long as they keep their head straight with their backs, its ok. Here is an piece on babysenter about it:


(sorry for the long comment, just thought it was important. For a moment there I thought I was hurting my baby, but then I read this ;))