Wednesday 14 September 2011

You are marvelous!

Yesterday, out of the blue, I found myself taking care of an adorable 2 month old boy. For a little hour, I was the sole responsible of the wellbeing of two miniature humans (and way too many pets since Dan and I were dog sitting an extra pooch this week). If you read my blog you might remember that I never, in my whole life, took care of another baby except Alice. So let me tell you that even if I was up to the challenge I was still a bit worried about certain technical aspects. For example, what if both babies were hungry at the same time? Is it possible for me to breastfeed Alice and bottle feed Arno simultaneously?

Long story short, everything went very well but my reflexion in the mirror felt pretty surreal. I had "regurgitation prone" Arno in my Ergo carrier and teething Alice balanced on my right hip...while bouncing on a big blue exercise ball.

So I would like to take this opportunity to tell all the mothers who are taking care of more then one child one thing: You are marvelous! You must have a sense of organization that would make any event planner (and I'm one) jealous. During my little adventure, I found myself praying a few times that both kiddos won't request milk or too many diaper changes and would hopefully sleep during the entire time. However, when you have many kids, prayers like that are pointless because, well, because this is probably how normal life is for you.

So just to make this very clear: You are marvelous!

* * * * *

new duds: I love that our place is pretty much always "clean". Also, every night, I take a little 10 minutes to put our stuff back to its place...much better to wake up to a organized home!

emily: Thank you! The only thing I didn't like about the book: the words are sssooo small. It was difficult for me to read it for long periods of time (maybe it is just me?).

bec hem: Oh, believe me, it is a peaceful place to be!

daniela: A raincoat is a must (+ rain boots). I'm telling you, you will love the book. And little toes are also a favorite toy for Alice.

olena: Oh wow, thank you so much! You made my day with your comment :) xox

taryn: Well, according to the book : yes! Alice is still too young but the author said that generally kids love to listen over and over again the same long as the book makes the kid uses its fairy tales and stuff like that. He also said that most books, these days, are less for kids and more for adults (pretty illustrations but the story doesn't say much to kids). You can have many books (and toys) but you should just have a few favorites in your kid's room. You can create a "library" in your closet and sometimes bring a new book (or toy) for a while. I does make sense, well, I think!

sometimes life is bliss and sometimes not: Thank you so much! Also...dummy French Canadian in not sure that she understands this part of your comment "your blog translation is a little loose from french to English".

anneemall: Super! I know, it is just that when you write about simplicity it is a bit silly to post a picture of a newly purchased item. And yes, you are good at making the guilt disappear!

giselle: It is such a great book with many many many good ideas.

sara-ananda: C'est certain que si j'étais (ou Dan) un chef les choses seraient TRÈS diffétentes!!! Je suis jalouse :)

magpiesandmagnolias: Can lavender cross the Canada - US border? Here, lavender grows like weeds in gardens.


lola said...

Ha, I'm sure you did great.

Unless you have twins, it's usually easier because they aren't so close in age.

Anonymous said...

I definitely agree with you! x

one claire day said...

Oh, I know! I don't know how the Multi-Mum's do it! x