Wednesday 12 October 2011


After 6 months, I finally discovered that second hand stores located in multicultural neighborhoods are amazing if you are looking for vintage baby clothes.

I'm pretty sure that Alice's great-grand-mother has a similar cardigan! That is so ugly that it is awesome!

Also, now that winter is upon us, should I duct tape Alice's socks to her body (and don't get me started on her hat)?

* * * * *

lola: Oh, I forgot about the doctor thing! You can't go wrong with farm animals to teach you how things are done ;) I like your simple "That's not a polite thing to do in public sweetie".

last day of may: Good point. We also need a name, well, two names. One in English and one in French. But what about the real word? Is it bad to use it?

tallulah maggs: OMG! I can imagine (well, I think)!

lina: Lina, you are the best! Water almost came out of my nose when I read your comment. I think that I will write a post about embarrassing motherhood stories.

uk lass in us: Oh, so maybe for Alice it will be about cats in the alley since deers are kinda rare in Montreal ;)

the franglaise: Oh really? This is funny yet pretty scary at the same time! I must tell my friend who just had a baby boy. Thank you! It is all new to me but I so want to do a good job with Alice. I totally understand. I had to change the way that I make outfits with a baby that 1) is breastfed 2) started to move on her belly 3) spit food at me 4) suck on the fabric! I should start using lipstick because I also love easy stuff :)

su: If Oprah calls it a Vajayjay...!!! I didn't know that you knew a bit of French. This is cool.


Janet said...

I've been putting Juno's socks on under her Babyleg legwarmers. If you buy the kind that can pull up high like knee socks (or fold over), they'll stay on better under legwarmers. There is no hope for the shorter socks. :) Then I just layer pants over or put a dress/onesie on.

Anne said...

Funny you should mention socks, we have the opposite problem today. Paul's are stuck to his legs. That is because he had his last his physical therapy session today (to correct slightly inwards feet) and we removed the sticky bandages. The glue didn't go with water and soap and the socks still stick to his skin. But that's not a nice solution to your problem...

Daniela said...

That is one "ugly" green awesome cardi!
About socks and hats... ducktape could work, super glue also.
Hats that tie under the neck work like wonders for Olivia. And the socks...if she has sleepers on, they stay on, otherwise they just dissapear after a couple of minutes :)
Welcome autumn! (it's already very very cold here in Norway!)

Daniela said...

That sounded weird when I read it again, so here, I correct my sentence construction:
"That is one awesome "ugly" green cardi!"
Time to go to sleep!

abby said...

Geez, she is getting cuter by the day, Claudia! You might need some little tie on booties for her during the cooler months.

Tallulah Maggs said...

Ah I so love vintage knits, they're pretty hard to find over here now :( Alice loves lovely in hers! Hats need ties, my babes wear these (and everywhere we go we get asked "where did you buy that awesome monkey hat?!") -

Socks, you need slippers, we use the knitted mocassin kind that pull up to the knee and so not easy to pull off, check out these -

little wild moose said...

Oh Alice has such a beautiful smile! Second hand shops (we call them 'op shops' here in Australia) are fantastic for cheap clothing. Now we are on one income, I find myself trawling them more often to find clothes for Everly. And I now also have WAY too many nanna-knitted crocheted blankets! :)

bugheart said...

still searching
for vintage
baby clothes
i found
a few cute items
they are always
made out of
not so nice
love the sweater!

kate / tinywarbler said...

oh for pete's sake, could east coast alice be any cuter?
that top photo is killing me.

Lili said...

Je découvre ton blog et je me régale de tes articles...
A bientôt ! Bises

jamie said...

ww were thinking of putting some velcro in henry's sun hat ;)