Monday 7 November 2011

You can do it my love

Alice's first blog post: , ouii99io kn hyjunopl;.

Seriously, I just wanted to write a bit about the pictures that I printed last week when Alice violently smashed the laptop keyboard with her little hands and hit "publish post".

(a few minutes later)

I finally decided not to write about the pictures since Alice is, at the moment, in an incredible "air humping" session. She really (REALLY) wants to crawl but she still lacks a bit of coordination. She is on her knees and hands, moving back and forth her small butt, and looks like she is about to establish her dominance on poor Brian (super low in the dog park hierarchy). Brian looks very worried!

Seriously, I find it amazing yet almost cruel to watch her works so hard (such frustration) to make this crawling business in operation.

Go Alice Go! You can do it my love :)

* * * * *
hoola tallulah: We cosleep a lot and it is true (in our case anyway) that I don't sleep very well...especially now that she moves a lot in her sleep. So recently, we decided to have her sleep in our bedroom (in her own bed) but she can come to our adult bed in the morning. It works very well :)

emmy lou: Fox News is generally full of s**t!!!

kim u: The funny thing is the video (if you can watch it until the end) is pro cosleeping. I was so surprised!

carlinha: I love cosleeping with Alice but sometimes (like when I got a cold last month or when I was high on pain killer - tooth removed last week) it is good (and very important when I was on pain killer) to sleep in different bed. And for some people, it just doesn't work (same for breastfeeding). Each family is different and this is perfect like that :)

sid: Thank you for the link. I will read it as soon as I finish this post....update: OMG, this is a wonderful article. love love love!!!

190.arch: Wow, you are a toy expert :) Thank you so much. I don't think that we have that store in Montreal (I'm sad).

kate / tinywarbler: I can't wait to create lovely Christmas traditions with Alice and Dan and yes, afternoon naptimes are the best (I will have one asap).

clairsy: This is an awesome train set! I must put it on the list...maybe not for this Chirstmas but the other one. And Alice is a girl and I don't see any problem with her having a good time with that kind of toy.


Hoola Tallulah said...

Their determination is incredible isn't it? Bear found this stage very frustrating, he was much happier once he was mobile. Miss Boo was easy going about the whole thing. Really when you watch them, you realise their "working out" every day, building up to this, strengthening their muscles, no wonder they nap so much :)

Little Gray Pixel said...

This post has me laughing! Alexa is doing the same thing. Then she gets mad, gives up and face-plants on the ground -- all while Mama is cheering her on and clapping for her. She must think I'm super cruel.

Clairsy said...

Completely unrelated to your post, but you have to get this:
(yes, just because it has Alice's name in it).

Lindsey [homegrown spud] said...

Aww I love your pictures that you have hanging above your couch! So beautiful. I'm thinking alice may need her own blog soon- quite promising that one. Air humping, hilarious. I wish her luck with has some pretty tricky hurdles to cross over.

gillian said...

I cannot wait until my little Mia starts crawling. She has yet to roll over (she's just 4 months now), nevermind crawl. I've a feeling she's rather bored with being on her back still. When did Alice roll over on her own? Does she sit on her own yet? I know it's different for all babies, but I'm so excited/impatient to see it happen! I adore your blog. I'm a stay-at-home, first-time mom myself living in the suburbs in a new city with no car. It gets lonely but I enjoy reading about yours and Alice's growing adventures. It's so nice to know I'm not the only one feeling entirely clueless at times when it comes to these magnificent little creatures.