Friday 2 November 2012

Tips from an "OCD" mom...

...or what happen when a very organized event planner becomes a mother!
Tip n.1

Alice doesn't have an agenda (or a a tablet or whatever!) but I love to keep her appointments and activities on a blackboard vinyl in our office.

You get a few liquid chalk ink markers (available in office supply stores) and you are ready to go.

It is also a great activity for toddler!


Tip n.2

I used to put our bills and important papers in a lovely industrial looking basket. It turned out to be stylish but also an epic fail. I would add more bills and various documents (like yummy recipes) to the pile and, obviously, I would totally forget about the now at the bottom bill. Oops!

One day, Dan came back home with a lonely clipboard from work.

Put it on the wall next to your office desk, add your bills (no yummy recipes) and ta-da!


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Ali said...

Our office looks very different. Shamefully so.