Monday 9 July 2012

Ignorant Claudia - big kid bed


A few weeks ago, my smart little monkey figured out a way to jump out of her crib. We didn't see her in action but we think that she had an accomplice : a stuffed animal to climb on. There was a loud "bang". I ran to Alice's room to discovered my daughter on her back perfectly perpendicular to her crib. It must have been a splendid flip that would make any Olympic gymnast jealous!     

There is no more stuffed animal in her crib but, obviously, she is getting taller and taller and taller! At that rhythm, she will be able to jump out of her crib without any stuffed animal, in about 2-3 months maximum.

However, Alice is still pretty young to run around freely in the middle of the night. Especially since she is a very skilled climber (all our chairs, dining table, desk and coffee tables have no secret for her).

So, when did you give your toddler a big kid bed (aka, something that doesn't look like a hamster cage)?

Thank you.

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We all love our new chalkboard sliding door!

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anneemal: Je connaissais pas ce groupe. Au début, je pensais que s'était une faute et que tu voulais dire Alice in Chains ;)


Ali said...

Our little explorer mastered the art of cot exit around 18 months (even in a baby sleeping bag). Luckily, we had a cot whose side slid underneath, so we just opened the side to prevent further dives out.

Keeping him IN the cot was another matter...... too young to reason with. I'm afraid we had to resort to fixing his bedroom door so it wouldn't open more than a couple of inches at night. It only took a few weeks. Thank goodness, because the dressing gown belt tied from the door handle to the newel post did nothing for our home decor.

Don't judge me. Needs must.

lina said...

My girl made me get rid of her crib at 10 month she loathed it! We had a fouton on the floor for at least a year, then we bought a toddler bed, she comes every night to our bed so my sugestion would be to buy a baby door that you close at night so that she learns to stay there if you mind her going to your room... but make that adjustemnt very patently. But honestly I don't think you have two months once they figure that out there is no going back! Look at some montessory books for inspiration on rooms for toddlers! Take care! We have a joke around here when you do something dum: did you fell from your crib? So please teke her out!;o)

UK lass in US said...

I seem to remember using those door handle cover things (you have to squeeze them to turn the handle underneath) to keep them from night time wanderings. They were always good at going to bed, though, which made things easier, and the room was next to ours.

190.arch said...

Well... Emma started to jump too high in her own crib when she was 12-13 months or so, once I saw her almost going over her crib rail and I decided it was time to get rid of this rail.
So, we removed the rail and her bed looked like this for a year.
Now she's 2.5 years old now she sleeps in her "official" big girl bed, a regular twin bed. Her crib without rail was already too small for her and she was spending almost all nights at our bed. Since she got her big girl bed her visits in the middle of the night to our bed has stopped, she's always welcome anyway, specially for morning snuggles : )

Annie said...

Just wanted to say, lovely blog, beautiful baby, or should I say toddler.

: )

bugheart said...

wee grub lives
in a hamster cage.
i thought you didn't
give children
a big kids bed
until much later.
my nephew
got his
on his
4th birthday!

Unknown said...

I think we are getting to the big kids bed now!

jamie said...

you surely know by now that montessouri skips the crib all together!

i miss your blog.


the chalkboard looks GREAT. is it holding up? when i have tried the chalboard paint (is that what you used?) it looked crumby soon. :(