Sunday 20 January 2008

No more sweets

I changed my mind. My initial plan was to bake something new every week. I never believed that I would say that but I think that I have an overdose of desserts! For the past 3 weeks I made: Chai Latte cupcakes, Rosewater & pistachio cupcakes and Green tea cupcakes. They all tasted wonderful and they were very easy to make. Each week, out of 12 cupcakes, I always give 2 to a friend that lives next door. That means that my husband and I have been eating cupcakes 15 days out of 21! Next week, I will make a fruits salad! And by the way, almond paste flowers are very difficult to make!!!


Rumour has it said...

Those cakes have a very tasty look! I discovered your blog a while ago trough another one and since I came several times to visit you. Did I ever leave a message? I don't remember, but I'm a 'silent' admirer! :)
Greetings and love from Belgium, Marjolijn

Anonymous said...

They look so pretty! I know what you mean about having too many sweets. I love to bake, so it seems like I am always freezing and/or giving away what I make :)

You have a lovely blog, I am bookmarking it right now!