Tuesday 2 November 2010

It made me think

This morning I got an anonymous comment that tickled my pregnant lady hormones. At first, I was a little upset! What are you talking about: "it would be nice to see more art and less baby"???

After compulsively gulping a few Brazil nuts I started to think about how my life has evolved over the last few months. And it hit me the same way as when my cat puts his paw in my mouth at 5:00am. I slowly pushed aside many aspects of my life and centered my thoughts on my belly...and the fact that I can't entirely see my feet when I look down ;)

So yes, I'm pregnant and I do love to talk about it, after all, it is a freakin big deal! But it is true that there is more to life than the fact that at 19 weeks my baby is starting to produce meconium (a substance that will become the baby's first bowel movement)!!!

So, with this in mind, I would love to share with you a few illustrations made by a very talented woman living in Finland.
Anna Emilia delightful work won my heart and I hope to find some of her illustrations under the Christmas tree this year.


Anonymous said...

beautiful illistrations! But you are allowed surely to talk about being pregnant - making a baby is a huge deal and such a wonderful event. It as I recall changed my life completly.

ps spell check not working please excuse any mistakes:)

stashavalanche said...

How come at 19 weeks you can't see your feet and at 25 weeks I still can??? Is there something you aren't telling us? ;¬)

Naomi said...

This is your blog after all. You should feel free to post what you want. I love hearing about your excitement for your growing little one. A quote from Mackin Ink's blog: "i write...sometimes for money, mostly for love...but i've spent much of the past ten years making people." I love that.
Also, I loved the movie Babies. My whole family is in love with the Mongolian baby.

Ali said...

That's the difference between people who read your blog and come to know you as a person and therefore care about everything that's going on in your life, whatever that is and anonymous commenters, who harvest blogs for their own purposes and take it as an affront when your blog stops meeting their needs.

I'm upset and I don't even have hormones to blame!

When you look back in a few years, you will be very pleased you wrote plenty about your pregnancy. It's a special time and you are quite right to focus on it. Though if you want to look at lovely illustrations, that's great too. Your blog.

jen v said...

Very well said Ali. That comment upset me too. I find it incredibly annoying when people critique blogs and ultimately the people that write them anonymously.

This blog is a life journal regardless of what it started out as. You have chosen to share one of the most amazing experiences a person can have with your readers and i for one thank you for that. keep doing what you are doing.

Shannah said...

I, for one, love art and babies equally:)

Boo to the rude comment. Thank you for sharing this magical experience with us.

Hoola Tallulah said...

Goodness, how rude that someone should tell you what to write on YOUR blog, and anon too, big wussy. Anyway, take no notice, your blog is always a joy to visit, baby talk or no <3
Btw, I have serious bump envy, your bump is so perfect! Why do mine always look like I am wearing a fat suit? :)